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CHARTERED: May 10, 1927 • WORSHIPFUL MASTER: Carlos Nocentelli






Charitable Giving and Community Service

Beyond their commitment to individual growth and leadership, Masons are deeply involved in their communities. Through all forms of charitable giving and community service, Masons feel it is their obligation to contribute to the care and well-being of their fellow man.

The Masonic fraternity contributes over $1 Billion each year to its philanthropic pursuits. Over $750 Million of that in the United States alone.

Maryland Masons continue this tradition by serving their communities with local scholarship programs, student assistance, volunteerism, educational support and other charitable activities.

Masonic Organizations worldwide sponsor a variety of children’s charities. Shrine Masons provide special medical services in their Children’s Hospitals, while the Grottoes of North America contribute to Dental Care for Children with Special Needs like Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and related neuromuscular disorders or with Mental Retardation.


Patuxent Lodge Scholarship Program

Patuxent Lodge No. 218 supports local county’s High Schools and others by providing scholarships to worthy and well qualified students.  Additional assistance is provided via the Masonic Charities of Maryland, Inc. Scholarship program. Students applying for a scholarship must be a local high school graduating senior attending from high schools sponsored by Patuxent Lodge No. 218 which are: Southern High School in Anne Arundel County or Central; Dr Henry Wise: Largo; and  Suitland High School in Prince George’s County.

To be considered, submit an Masonic Charities of Maryland scholarship application to Patuxent Lodge No. 218 by Friday, March 1, 2021.   For A PDF application, email us at with the your name and the name of your school.

If Patuxent Lodge is not in your area, please check with your local high school guidance counselor or a Masonic Lodge near you.

All applications are accepted through  your high school guidance counselor only.


Maryland Child Identification Program (CHIP)

Masonic Child Identification Programs (CHIP) are a charitable initiative by North American Masonic lodges to aid in the identification and recovery of missing children. CHIP programs are supported monetarily at the Grand Lodge level, and are staffed by volunteers from subordinate lodges as well as law enforcement and dental professionals.

The CHIP programs allow parents the opportunity to create a kit of identifying materials for their child, free of charge. The kit contains a fingerprint card, a physical description, a video, computer disk, or DVD of the child, a dental imprint, and a DNA sample. The purpose of the kit is to provide critical information to the public and to law enforcement in the event that a child goes missing. The program has been lauded by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.


Maryland Masonic Homes

Situated on the pristine hillside overlooking Hunt Valley, Maryland Masonic Homes has become aptly nicknamed “Bonnie Blink” which is Scottish for beautiful view.

What began as an infirmary and dormitory for aged and poor health individuals in 1934 is now a well established community ideally located in the Hunt Valley – Cockeysville area. Maryland Masonic Homes offers safe, affordable and quality living for eligible Master Masons and their families. Our campus features majestic historic stone structures adorned by the 250-acre sculptured grounds.


Masonic Charities of Maryland Scholarship Application

Check with the guidance counselors of your local public high school for an application.