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CHARTERED: May 10, 1927 • WORSHIPFUL MASTER: Carlos Nocentelli



Why should I join?



The essential purpose of Freemasonry is the further development of the individual Mason as an honest, ethical, moral, sincere, caring and charitable man, learning more about his own potential as a human being and developing his intellectual and spiritual character. A man should never enter the Fraternity in the hope of making business connections or for any other sort of professional or monetary gain. If he does, he will be disappointed, for they will not be found there. What he will find is a group of like-minded men, who are willing to treat him as a Brother and share in a deep and rewarding fellowship with him. He will find true friends and life-long companions.




If you would like to join our fraternity you must be:

A man who believes in a Supreme Being.
18 years or older.
Of good character
To become a Better Person
Then all you need to do is ask



If you would like to find out more about  The Masonic Fraternity,  Make your Mark on this World, contact us @