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CHARTERED: May 10, 1927 • WORSHIPFUL MASTER: Carlos Nocentelli



What Is A Mason?



A Mason is a Man and a Brother whose trust is in God. He meets you on the Level and acts upon the Square. Truth is his Compass and he is ever Plumb. He has a true Grip on all that is Right. He is loyal to his order, and what ever his Degree. He is Master of himself. In the Lodge of life he wears unstained the white Lambskin of innocence. From his Initiation as an Entered Apprentice he travels ever East toward the Light Of Wisdom until he receives the final Divine Password that admits him to the Ineffable Presence of the Eternal Supreme Grand Master Of The Universe…Almighty God Himself.



If you would like to join our fraternity you must be:

A man who believes in a Supreme Being.
18 years or older.
Of good character
Would like to become a Better Person
 Then all you need to do is ask



If you would like to find out more about  The Masonic Fraternity,  Make your Mark on this World, contact us @