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CHARTERED: May 10, 1927 • WORSHIPFUL MASTER: Terry Royce, Sr., PM



Link to Pictures of Grand Lodge Events Photos


Link to Pictures of Patuxent Events Photos

Patuxent Lodge participated in the Grand Masters Perfect Attendance Challenge -2017


Past Masters Rudy McCumber and Terry Royce presenting bikes to Tracy’s Elementary School in Anne Arundel County


Past Masters Rudy McCumber and Terry Royce presenting bikes to Patuxent Elementary School in Prince George’s County

Attendance Challenge-Pax-1


Southern Maryland well represented at The Feast of Tishri at the DC Scottish Rite with William Hines, Wes Sudduth, Mike Grierson, Rudy McCumber, David Andrukitis and Harold Saintelien


Congratulations to Alexis Ward & Megan Phibbons, two of our scholarship recipients for 2017 being presented Scholarships at Patuxent Lodge- June 2017 

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Congratulations to Ava Grounds and Megan Phibbons selected by Patuxent Lodge to receive Scholarships at the Masonic Charities of Maryland Award Ceremony on Sunday, May 21, 2017



Congratulations to Patuxent Lodge newest Entered Apprentices. From (L-R) – Jared Reiber, Mark Manapul, WM Kenyatta Galbreth, Alejo Nefalar, Carlos Nocentelli, Jose Vazquez-Cruz Sr – May 15, 2017 


Patuxent Lodge No. 218 Celebrating our 90th Anniversary on May 10, 2017



WM Kenyatta Galbreth presents Wes Sudduth a certificate from the Grand Lodge of Maryland, making him a member of the Instructive Tongue Society on Saturday, May 6, 2017



WM Kenyatta Galbrath has Brother Dean Howard, a member for 64 years close Patuxent Lodge on Saturday, May 6, 2017 

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Master Mason Degree at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial-2017


Congratulations to Alex Brehm, John Rhodes, Shane Vanfossen, Michael Breder, -142, Antonio Lzaquirre,-198, Mark Wooten,-223 and Marikhande Sissoko, -218 were raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason. The Officers of Prince Frederick Lodge No. 142, Patuxent Lodge No. 218, Kensington-Bethesda 198, and Thomas J. Shryock Lodge No. 223 conferred the degree work at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. A great night of Fellowship and Degree work. 


Pictured (L-R) First row Kenyatta Galbreth-WM,Marikhande Sissoko, Harold Santelien, Terry Royce, PM. Second Row (L-R) Larry Stoner, Robert Carhart, Rudy McCumber Alex Flanga and James Cloud.
Pictured (L-R)   Worshipful Master Kenyatta Galbreth and Marikhande Sissoko  

Congratulations to Melvin Harrison, PM who was presented his 50 Year Service Award-2017 


Pictured (L-R) Mike Banagan-Grand Inspector, Earlene and Melvin Harrison, PM,  Kenyatta Galbreth-Worshipful Master, Kostas Vourvoulas-Most Worshipful Grand Master

Naval and Masonic Careers

Admirals Gene and Bill Sizmore provide a presentation to our lodge on their distinguished Naval and Masonic careers.


Maryland Masons of Law Enforcement

Our lodge, along with MWGM Kenneth S. Wyvill, Jr., honored the MD Masons of Law Enforcement with guest speaker MWGM Jack Biggs.



Past Master’s Night 2016 

Nine of our Past Masters were honored and presented with a lodge PM cap.


2016 Lodge Open House – Family & Kids Day/ MDChip Program


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Brother Elmer Robinson receiving his 60 year service award from Brother Mike Banagan, Grand Inspector



Fraternal visit between Patuxent Lodge No. 218 and Camp Springs Lodge No. 227 on October 24, 2015,


The Officers of Patuxent Lodge No. 218 and Camp Springs Lodge No. 227

Public Re-dedication of the George Washington Monument in Baltimore, MD



The 2015 Grand Line of Maryland at the Public Re-dedication of the George Washington Monument in Baltimore, MD – September 26, 2015


Southern Maryland Masonic Family Picnic – September 20, 2015



With over 150 members of the Masonic fraternity, their family and friend in attendance for a great day of food, games and fellowship


Southern Maryland Wardens Night- September 3, 2015

Congratulations to Patuxent Lodge newest Master Masons. The degree was conferred by the Wardens of Southern Maryland Lodges 



(L-R) Larry Stoner, Jr, Wes Sudduth, Grand Master Kenneth S. Wyvill, Jr, Zachary Waterfield and Alex Falanga


(L-R) Larry Stoner, Jr, Wes Sudduth, Worshipful Master Marlon Curtis, Zachary Waterfield and Alex Falanga


National Night Out in Shadyside, MD-Aug 4, 2015



(L-R) Wes Sudduth, Harold Saintelien, JW, Larry Stoner,  (Not Pictured) Rudy McCumber, PM 


The Deale Firemen’s Parade-July 11, 2015



(L-R) William Hines, PM, Bobby Hight, SD-PF 142,  Wes Sudduth and Terry Royce, PM





The Re-dedication of the George Washington Monument in Baltimore, MD on July 4, 2015



Past Master’s Terry Royce and Rudy McCumber of Patuxent Lodge No. 218 attend the re-dedication ceremony of the George Washington Monument in Baltimore, MD on July 4, 2015


IMG_2524 IMG_5168

Members of several Masonic Lodges from Southern Maryland travel together for the re-dedication of the George Washington Monument in Baltimore, MD on July 4, 2015




The Re-dedication of  the George Washington Monument in Baltimore, MD on July 14, 2015.



Certificate of Appreciation Presented to the Past Master’s of Patuxent Lodge No. 218-June 2015


Past Master’s of Patuxent Lodge No. 218 (L-R) Melvin Harrison, PM, Melvin Mason, PM, Marlon Curtis, WM, William Hines, PM and Frank Wilburn, PM


Congratulations to Zachary Waterfield and Alex Falanga, Patuxent Lodge No. 218 newest Entered Apprentices-June 2015






Patuxent Lodge No. 218 DC Brotherhood Day-June 2015 



The Grand Lodge of Maryland, The Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia, The Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Maryland and The Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia was honored by Patuxent Lodge No. 218. The Brethren assembled around the altar and renewed their Master Mason Masonic Obligation




Patuxent Lodge No. 218 and the Masonic Charities of Maryland Scholarship Awards – 2015 



MWGM Kenneth S. Wyviil Jr.,  Daemar Casey – Suitland High School and WM Marlon Curtis


 WMGM Kenneth S. Wyvill, Jr.,  Jamie Fuhrer – Southern High School and WM Marlon Curtis




Masonic Charities of Maryland Scholarship Winners for 2015 




Congratulations to Nihinlolu Fatinkun and Dae’Junay Whalen of Forestville Military Academy selected by Patuxent Lodge No. 218 to receive Scholarships for 2015 


Nihinloly Fatinikun, WM Marlon Curtis and Dae’Junay  Whalen




“Celebrating Charlotte Hall Veterans” on Thursday May 14, 2015 at 10:00 AM 






Congratulations to William Sudduth and Larry Stoner,  Patuxent Lodge No. 218 newest  Fellowcrafts-April 2015





60 Year Service Award Presented to Albert Fallin- January 2015


Albert Fallin presented his 60 year service by Most Worshipful Grand Master Kenneth S. Wyvill, Jr 



Instructive Tongue Society Award Presented to Terry Royce, PM-January 2015 



Terry L. Royce, PM of Patuxent Lodge No. 218 was made a Charter Member of the Instructive Tongue Society for his many years of dedicated service teaching catechism to the newest members of Patuxent (Seat Pleasant) Lodge No. 218


Warren S. Seipp Award- November 2014


Terry L. Royce, Past Master of Patuxent Lodge No. 218, received the Warren S. Seipp Award from the Grand Lodge of Maryland on Saturday November 15, 2014, for Distinguished Service. The Warren S. Seipp Award is the second highest award given to Masons in Maryland.




Religious Service at Bonnie Blink-August 2014 

Patuxent Lodge No. 218 hosted the religious service for the residents of Bonnie Blink. Thank you to Rev. Brookman and Organist Ron Unger for the wonderful service. Joining us today was William Hines, Janet Hines, Rudy McCumber, Diane  Bryant, Bill and Marion Ross, Melvin Mason, Thomas Mason, Don and Brenda Hamilton and Terry Royce











National Night Out, Shady Side, MD -September 2014



Wes Sudduth, Terry Royce and Rudy McCumber passing out school suppies at National Night Out.




Patuxent Lodge No. 218  50 year service awards – 2014



Harry  Cotten, PM with Grand Inspector Mike Banagan  2014


Grand Inspector Mike Banagan with George  Stephenson


(L-R) Terry  Royce, PM, JW, Savltore  Tammaro and Mike Banagan, Grand Inspector





Patuxent Lodge No. 218 Participates in the Deale Firemen’s Parade-July 2014



(L-R) William  Hines, PM, Rudy  McCumber, PM WM, Raul Azcueta and Terry  Royce, PM,  JW




Patuxent Lodge No. 218 Participates in the 4th of July Parade in Shady Side, MD-July  2014



(L-R) William  Hines, PM-218, Terry  Royce, PM,JW-218,  Bobby Hight-SS-142, Tylor Hight-142,  Marlon  Curtis-SW-218,  Jon Simpson, WM-142 and Rudy  Mcumber, PM, WM-218












Patuxent Lodge No. 218 MDCHIP event at Riverfest-June 2014


riverfest mdchip

(L-R) Rudy McCumber, PM, WM-218, Terry Royce, PM, JW-218 and William Sudduth-218


Patuxent Lodge No. 218 and the Masonic Charities of

Maryland Scholarships Awards- May 2014.



Jamie Mashie and Terry Royce, PM, JW


Brian Thames and Terry Royce, PM, JW


Braian Thames and Jamie Mahshie,  2014 MCM Scholarship winners from Patuxent Lodge No. 218


Patuxent Lodge No. 218  Scholarship Award

at South River High School-May 2014.




Patuxent Lodge No. 218 awards a scholarship to Nicholas Platek. Nicholas is a student at South River High School in Edgewater, MD.  Nicholas will be attending Virginia Tech this fall majoring in Biology with plans to attend medical school.  Money raised for the Scholarship was donated by the Patuxent Lodge No. 218 membership.  Nicholas is pictured with his proud family.


Scholarship Winners for 2014 


Masonic Charities of Maryland Scholarship Winners for 2014


 Certificate of Appreciation


Patuxent Lodge No. 218  receives a Certificate of Appreciation from Charlotte Hall Veterans Home on April, 16, 2014


Patuxent Lodge No. 218 MDCHIP event at Woodland Beach Volunteer Fire Department-April 2014

IMG_0925 copy






MDCHIP event at Anne Arundel Volunteer Fire Department October 2013



Religious Service at Bonnie Blink-August 2013

Religious Service

Attending were WM Rudy McCumber; his mother Louise; Diane Bryant; Don and Brenda Hamilton; Nancy Royce; Terry Royce; Marlene Naegele; Ronald Unger; Marion and Bill Ross. Not pictured, but in attendance: James Cloud; Melissa Cloud; Toni Jo Delano.



Shady Side National Night Out 2013

With an Anne Arundel County Police helicopter, K-9 demonstrations, hot dogs, hamburgers and music, Patuxent Lodge teamed up with Kallipolis Grotto to support National Night Out in Shady Side, MD. Patuxent handed out school supplies and lollipops which were a huge success! Kallipolis Grotto handed out toothbrushes along with information about The Humanitarian Fund for Children with disabilities. Big thanks to WM Rudy McCumber, Diane Bryant, Jonathan Binstock and Terry Royce













Deale Firemen’s Carnival Parade on July 13, 2013, in Deale MD.





Eric Gronbeck E. A. at Deale Firemen’s Carnival Parade


MDCHIP event in Deale, MD June 2013  


WM Rudy McCumber, PM, William Hines, PM and Terry Royce, JW visited with Brother Richard Mizak at Bonnie Blink during the Semi Annual Communication






Patuxent Lodge No. 218 presents 50 and 60 year service awards. Congratulations!! to Stephen Cumberland, Dean Howard and Jerry Reshew on receiving their 50 and 60 year service awards on May 4, 2013





Certificate of Appreciation 2012


Appreciate You Guys!


Al Fallin a 57 year Member of Patuxent Lodge



2012 Scholarship Winner


2012 Scholarship Winner


Distinguished Gentlemen with George Washington Gavel.


On September 19, 2011 we honor our DC Masonic brothers with DC Night.


The Maryland Grand Line and Patuxent’s 2011 Officers at DC Night.


Patuxent’s 2011 Worshipful Master Terry Royce PM, WAGP with George Washington Gavel.


Masonic Brothers at the Grand Lodge.


Newly Raised Brothers with 2011 Worshipful Master & 2012 Worshipful Master at the Grand Lodge Of Maryland.

Distinguished Gentlemen.

MWGM Stephen J. Ponzillo, III & 2012 Worshipful Master Gerald F. Poe Jr.


2012 Grand Lodge Officers
Terry Royce PM, WAGP, William Hines PM, WAGT, Rudy McCumber PM, GI


Patuxent Lodge No. 218 Installation Photos 2012.