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CHARTERED: May 10, 1927 • WORSHIPFUL MASTER: Carlos Nocentelli

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How many wives of Masons have ever given much thought,

To the wonderful biblical lessons that Masonry has taught.

Have you asked yourself this question, when you sit alone at night?

While hubby is away at lodge: is my reasoning straight and right?

I know the nights are lonely and long, but this question has come to me,

“If my husband weren’t a Mason, what kind of man would he be?”

I know nothing of their secret work, but this much I understand,

That the lessons taught in Masonry have made a better man.

“If my husband weren’t A Mason, what kind of man would he be?”

They call us Masonic widows, I’ve been one for many a year,

I’ve spoken my piece on lonely nights, and berated my hubby dear.

But, then again, I regret my words, and with wisdom try to see,

“If my husband weren’t a Mason, what kind of man would he be?”

So I try to be a patient wife, as alone I meditate,

And see his point, as he leaves for lodge, with these words,

“I won’t be late”.

Some say that men make Masonry, and this I understand,

But, deep in my heart I still Maintain, “That Masonry makes the man.”

And as we journey the highway together, to the inner things of life,

May their teachings go on forever.

Sincerely, A Masons Wife.

(Author unknown)